Cat’s Diseases to Know

Cats are pets that are favored by many good people from children to the elderly. That makes people love this one because cute animals and can also be a friend to play.

Health in cats of course should be maintained properly so that the cat does not get sick. How to keep the cat in order not to get sick of course have to do things that are useful for these pets. As for who should do that is by keeping the animals, cleaning animal cages, and provides nutritious food. If the pet hospital, of course, makes you feel sad is not it? Therefore, you must take care of the cats immediately. Additionally, if your cat was ill, then you should be quick to provide help so that existing disease in cats does not worsen and the risk to the soul. For that, you must know that there are various diseases in cats, as below.

Sore eyes

Cats are funny animals, but he will not play with his owner when he was sick. The first disease that can occur in cats is an eye sore. If the cat has a problem in the eye, it can cause a cat’s eyes became watery. If your cat is experiencing it in his eyes, then immediately for treatment. If not treated immediately, can-can make a cat’s eyes closed and eventually become blind. Therefore, immediately perform the treatment on your cat. How to care for ailing cat eye is cleaning in the eye and give eye pain medication for animals that can be bought in drug stores. Also, do not mix the ailing cat eye that is not contagious to other cats by separating the cat cage.

Skin disease

Cats may also suffer from skin diseases as well as humans. As for the cause of skin disease in cats is the presence of tick bites and fungal skin. Perhaps the disease is on the cat’s skin is not dangerous, but if it does not quickly take action will certainly be sorry for this cute animal. Therefore, you must keep the cat’s skin properly so that the cat does not have this disease. Bathe your cat using the shampoo and also keep the cleanliness of the animal enclosures so that no germs. Germs can also cause skin rashes.

Infections of the ear

A disease that should be known by your cat is an infection of the ears of a cat. Usually this disease will infect cats due to the cleanliness of the cat’s ears are not awake. If the bacteria or germs in the ears of a cat, of course, will make the infection in the ear leaf. To minimize the occurrence of ear infections in cats, then you must keep the cat by ridding on the ears regularly. However, if the cat had the infection in the ear, then you should give the medicine.

Cat flu

If humans are in unstable weather conditions such as rain certainly can cause flu. Well, neither in cats exposed to rain water can make the cat have the flu. Therefore, you have to find a place for cats to be cats do not feel cold and also injecting vaccination to make the cat’s body becomes thick.

That is some disease in cats that should be known by you. In essence you have to maintain the health of the cat by keeping the cat.