Your Dog Bites You? You Should Do These

Dog is one of the favorite pets that are adopted by many people. This animal is loyal, easy to be trained, and obedient. However, it is still animal which is unpredictable. Yup, it can do bad things that you never imagine, such as: biting you when taking care of it. This is a serious problem because if it bites you hard, its teeth will hurt your skin and you will bleed. For this, you have to be careful although your dog is cute and smart. Anyway, what do you do if your lovely dog really bites you? If you don’t know what to do, it is better to do the following tips:

Check your injury and treat it as soon as possible

The first thing you should do is checking injury and treating it as soon as possible. If injury is not serious, you can use generic medicine to treat it. However, if your injury is serious in which you release much blood, you should go to hospital as soon as possible. Make sure that you choose high quality hospital so you can get optimal result. Anyway, if your condition is good enough, ask doctor to check whether you are infected rabies or not. This is important to do because if you deal with this health diseases, you need intensive treatment so there is no serious effect at last. In other hand, if you are free of rabies, make sure that you take enough rest and run treatment as well as possible.

Avoid torturing pet

There are many dog owners who decide to torture their pet after their pet hurts them. They hit, kick, or thrown their pet as they like till it gets serious injury. Realize that doing this is useless because dog never realized what it did. It just does something based on its instinct, not feeling and mind. Thus, what should you do? You should take and enter it into cage as soon as possible so it does not bite other. What if it goes far away after biting you? Let it go and tell authorities about this so dog can be arrested and quarantined.

Sell or send pet to animal care center

If you don’t love your pet anymore because it already hurts you, there are two recommended options that you can take. First, you can sell it or second, send it to animal care center. If there is somebody who interested in buying your dog, make sure that you tell him/her reasons why you sell it so he/she does not complain at last. If buyer remains wanting it, you should sell it soon although you don’t get much profit. By doing this, you can minimize the risks of getting trauma and torturing it sooner or later.

In other side, if there is no one who wants to buy it, you should find somebody to adopt it for free. This is good for you because you don’t have to feed and take care of it anymore. The important thing is you will not be bitten by your dog anymore.